Revolutionary Aerial Data Analysis Platform

Thermographic scanning for a solar site once a year is an industry standard. The drones-based scan allows coverage of 100% of the panels on the site in a single flight.

The use of the SITEMARK AI-driven platform enables a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of faults and the ability to handle these faults according to priorities.

 The Sitemark platform combines Aerial data inspections and a ground-breaking analysis platform, that will take your PV plant to the next level.  All-in-one technology synergizes Drone-based inspections with an AI-based platform, that gives a complete insight into the status of your solar assets.

The Sitemark platform enables digital documentation of renewable energy projects from the EPC execution planning stage and throughout the full life cycle of the project. : 

  • Construction monitoring during the construction phase enables performance control and planning versus execution. 
  • The thermographic tests throughout the maintenance period allow for the accurate detection and identification of module anomalies, ranging from hot spots, diodes and strings issues, and even PID.

GiraSol integrates technologies for diagnosing and improving performance in solar systems – All for the purpose of maintaining and improving performance to meet the output targets.

Gain on-site clarity throughout the full lifecycle of your solar asset

 setting baseline operations needs by precise measurement and analysis means.

Operation and Maintenance
periodic inspections using AI-driven analysis to accuraly identify production problems.

Sell / Acquire
Be in the know of your asset performance, to module level, to maximize ROI.

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