Homeowners, Build a Profitable, Environmentally Friendly Solar Rooftop!

Since August 2018 the Israeli Electrical Authority (PUA) is encouraging the private market sector to join the Solar Energy revolution. As part of the Israeli government target to achieve 10% energy production from renewable energy by 2020, the PUA has issued an arrangement that allows homeowners to produce and sell solar energy to the IECo over the gird.

With this arrangement, a residential solar system of up to 15 kwp can generate power for a feed-in tariff of 0.48 NIS per KWh injected into the national grid.  

GiraSol Renewable Energy encourages homeowners to build a profitable- environmentally friendly solar rooftop!

Jumpstart, build and provide guidance to individuals and purchasing groups.

Guidance and assistance in the permit application process.

Tailored financial consulting for each project we build.

Are you a homeowner? Would you like to hear more about our rooftop solar system or join one of our purchasing groups? Interested in more information?