Substructure and DC cabling Innovative solutions

Jurchen Technology specializing in the development and production of high-quality components for photovoltaic systems. Located in Bavaria, Germany, Jurchen Technology is the sole provider the innovative dual component solution for photovoltaic plants.

Jurchen Technology manufactures both the substructure and the appropriate high-quality DC cabling for photovoltaic systems, from commercial to utility-scale projects.

GiraSol Renewable Energy is the official representative of all Jurchen Technology’s products. We offer a complete product line, which includes the smart and light PEG® substructure solution, and a variety of DC cables, for the PV market in Israel.

Jurchen Technology manufactures Smart, tech-based, high quality substracture and cabaling solutions for PV sites

Qualified by the world’s leading testing service institutions and approved with the highest-ranking safety certifications

Maintaining a High standard production line with quality use of materials and workmanship for long-lasting reliability

Innovative engineering transforms complex EPC work into simple, cost-efficient solutions

Top Products

PEG® substructure

The PEG System is a revolution in the field of substructures
for solar power plants with framed modules.

The smart and lightweight substructure is striving to make Solar efficiency more sustainable while providing a highly competitive LCOE versus traditional trackers and fixed tilt solutions.

The PEG is the perfect solution for solving land constraints, allowing high capacity on small lands, with a simple smart design and cost-efficient installation method.

The PEG revolutionary engineering transforming the EPC into EPI

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Sykonec ArCon - Harness cable

The ArCon Harnesses solution is meant to give a cost-efficient solution for PV installation without compromising on quality.

Using the harnesses saves time and money when deploying the strings of the PV system, with less string cables and less fuse holders in the DC combiners.

The unique vulcanization manufacturing procedure of the ArCon harness cables ensures permanent tightness, even under mechanical stress and extreme climatic conditions. thus gives the ArCon high waterproofness and makes it optimal for use in constructing  Floating PV power plants.

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