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GiraSol Renewable Energy is Implementing smart solutions to achieve the highest performance FOR YOUR RENEWABLE ENERGY ASSETS!

Innovative solutions to maximize performance

GiraSol Renewable Energy is a leading consulting firm, representing world-renowned companies with a diverse number of products and services, to the PV and Renewable Energy market in Israel. 

We provide cutting-edge products and smart solutions for the utility and Commercial scale local PV market, and offer a range of solutions needed for any PV project.

As an official partner and distributor of market-leading companies in the PV industry – GreenPowerMonitor, PADCON GmbH, Jurchen Technologies GmbH ,and SITEMARK, we strive to empower our clients with innovative solutions to meet the needs of the ever-growing renewable energy market.

Our range of solutions includes SCADA and cybersecurity platforms, PID/TCO solutions, Thermographic Aerial Data inspections and analysis platform, and smart substructure and DC wiring accessories.

GiraSol Renewable Energy serves as the focal point for assets owners, EPCs, Utility, and maintenance companies, by providing them with optimized tools to enhance performance and match the specifications of their assets needs.

Our Partners

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